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Grid 4.0 - Empowering the Distribution Utility

The future of the energy industry will be integrated as never before—from behind-the-meter assets to retail distribution, and to wholesale power markets. OATI brings today’s utilities the transformational technologies and approaches they need to address both economic and reliability functions, leverage flexible loads, and support customer-owned generation and storage resources, in order to enhance the resiliency and reliability of the grid, while improving supply and demand economics.


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The OATI DERMS solution manages the operational, reliability and economic ramification of a Distribution Grid with high DER penetration. This tool set provides situational awareness, to account for and mitigate the impact of DERs on grid reliability, and to capture the economic values of DERs for distribution and bulk power system.


We’re launching EVolution™. This turnkey solution empowers the electrification of transportation (EoT) by providing a full range of smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, a highly secure network, robust owner/operator analytics, reporting and management tools, a dynamic driver mobile application, and 24x7 customer support. Plus utilities can leverage V2G in combination with our other solutions.


USA Microgrids provides cutting-edge services and technologies to help you design, engineer and build a microgrid. Intelligent controls is the key piece to the success of a microgrid. USA Microgrids utilizes the OATI GridMind microgrid control system to connect, integrate, and intelligently manage your microgrid assets for reliable and cost-effective power.

Data Acquisition and Asset Control

OATI’s Data Acquisition and Asset Control Toolset (IoT SCADA/GridControl Products) is the only product on the market that can bring it all together. Our toolset has been built and designed to cover our variety of DR and DER customer use cases, a large range of scaled deployments from small to large, and the vast and ever-changing communication and protocol technologies (legacy and new standards). OATI has applied its stringent data privacy and security to the edge of the Grid by applying the patented GridSafe security.

Grid 4.0®

OATI’s grid modernization solutions connect it all and provide an advanced set of functionality for managing distribution grid with high penetrations of distributed energy resources (DERs). Multiple DER use cases prove how these advanced solutions solve the needs of the modernized-utility-of-the-future.

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Case Studies

"OATI’s broad industry experience was a determining factor in EPB’s choice."

Jim Glass / Smart Grid Manager,

"Utilizing OATI webDistribute to bring DR program development and execution into Seven States Power Corporation aids in accurate load shedding and provides tangible reliability benefits."

Clint Wilson / Manager of Technical Services,
Tennessee Valley Public Power Association

"When it came time to implement the new system, OATI and AEP worked hand- in-hand to ensure a smooth transition to OATI webDistribute."


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